Whether you are an adult or a pre-teen, young or old, stuttering can be a hard challenge to overcome. You may feel as if others will never fully understand you when you speak, or that your life would be easier if you could just stop stuttering. While your feelings are completely valid, there are some ways to begin overlooking your struggles and turning those negative feelings into positive ones.


When dealing with stuttering on a daily basis, you may feel resentment towards people who are able to speak freely and fluently. It can seem like a luxury that people are totally unaware of. Although there are many strategies to help combat your stuttering, the first step is adjusting your attitude. Perhaps you become disconnected when spending time with friends because you start to feel self-conscious of your stuttering. Maybe you get angry with yourself or others when your stutter comes to the surface. Taking the time to step back and change your attitude will change your life more than you would expect. 

Nobody’s Perfect

When you begin to feel down due to your stuttering, remember that no one is perfect. Each and every person has struggles of their own, whether they are visible or not. Keeping this in mind may help you to realize that it is possible to succeed, even if you feel as if your stuttering prohibits your success. Did you know that Elvis Presley, Ed Sheeran, and Shaquille O’Neal all stutter(ed)? This is a great example of how people who stutter still lead successful lives. No one is perfect, but all it takes is effort!

Find Support

There are many other people just like you who could use support from someone who truly understands their feelings. Local and online support groups for stuttering allow you to build relationships with others who stutter. Consider finding a National Stuttering Association chapter near you!


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