Millions of people worldwide struggle with speech disorders, with stuttering being one of the most common. Its symptoms include repetitions, prolongations, or blocks of sounds and words. Stuttering can significantly impact an individual socially, academically, and professionally, ultimately reducing their quality of life. There are a plethora of techniques and devices available to help people manage these symptoms and improve their communication skills, with one of these being a delayed auditory feedback device. In this blog post, the experts at SpeechEasy will discuss the intricacies of this treatment and how it can help reduce stuttering.

What is Delayed Auditory Feedback?

delayed auditory feedback device delays the stutterer’s voice by a few microseconds and plays it back to them. This slight deferral helps the individual slow down their speech and reduce the frequency of their stuttering. The use of SpeechEasy’s DAF device for stuttering in speech therapy is effective in reducing the symptoms of stuttering, helping individuals to speak more fluently and with greater ease.

What is Frequency Altered Feedback?

Another auditory feedback technique is Frequency Altered Feedback (FAF) which involves altering the pitch of a person’s voice as they speak. FAF is effective in treating apraxia of speech while also helping boost speech intelligibility and clarity. By changing the way a person hears their voice, FAF can help an individual become more aware of their articulation.

Benefits of Auditory Feedback Treatment

In addition to their effectiveness in treating stuttering, DAF and FAF have been used in various studies to examine the mechanisms behind speech production and to explore the impact of speech disorders on communication. With this research, we have drastically improved our knowledge of how speech is processed by the brain and how to treat speech impairments.

The use of these treatments is not limited to just speech stuttering therapy and research. Many educational systems utilize the technique, such as in the training of public speakers and actors! DAF and FAF are useful strategies for enhancing communication and performance in a range of circumstances by encouraging people to talk more slowly and carefully.

SpeechEasy | Delayed Auditory Feedback Device

Auditory feedback treatment is a promising speech stuttering therapy for many individuals struggling with symptoms of stuttering. But why do people stutter in the first place? Check out our website to learn more about stuttering and how SpeechEasy can help reduce its presence.

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