SpeechEasy offers a range of anti stuttering devices designed to help individuals manage their speech fluency. Here’s a comprehensive guide to our devices, each tailored to meet different needs and preferences:

1. Comfort Fit (CF)

The Comfort Fit model is designed for those who prefer a device that allows natural sound passage while reducing background noise. It’s discreet and comfortable, making it an excellent choice for everyday use.

2. Completely In Canal (CIC)

The CIC device is our smallest and most discreet option. It fits entirely within the ear canal, making it virtually invisible. Despite its size, it’s easy to put in and comfortable to wear. Each CIC device has a manufacturer warranty and accessories to enhance comfort, such as extra batteries and a cleaning kit.

3. In The Canal (ITC)

Like the CIC, the ITC device also fits into the ear canal but offers easier volume control and a slightly larger size for those who prefer more handling ease.

4. Behind The Ear (BTE)

The BTE model is our most durable and accessible design, ideal for individuals with dexterity challenges. It sits comfortably behind the ear and is easy to handle. This model is perfect for those who need a robust and user-friendly device for daily use.

How SpeechEasy Devices Work

SpeechEasy devices use Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF) and Frequency Altered Feedback (FAF) to create a choral effect, significantly reducing or eliminating stuttering. When you speak, anti stuttering devices delays and alters the pitch of your voice, helping your brain perceive it as someone else speaking along with you, which improves fluency.

SpeechEasy | Stuttering Device

SpeechEasy devices offer a tailored solution for individuals struggling with stuttering, utilizing advanced auditory feedback technology to improve speech fluency. With various models to suit different needs and preferences, SpeechEasy can help enhance your communication skills and your confidence. Take advantage of our current promotions to find anti stuttering devices that fit your lifestyle.

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