Stuttering is a speech disorder that varies regularly for each and every person. For example, on some days you may stutter significantly, and on others, you may not. Stuttering can often be misunderstood, which has lead to quite a few common myths. 

Will You Outgrow It?

Many people think that stuttering is something that can go away over time. Teenagers and adults may hope for this to be true. However, most people who overcome their stutter typically do so in early childhood. If your stuttering has continued into your teenage years, you will likely stutter throughout your adulthood. Take advantage of the many options to manage your stuttering, such as a SpeechEasy device!

Are You Alone?

Many people who stutter feel as if they are the only ones. You may not know anyone else in your life who stutters, but you are certainly alone! Nearly 3 million people in the United States stutter, and about 67 million people in the entire world stutter. You are not alone in this aspect of your life. Look to local support groups or find a National Stuttering Association chapter near you! 

Should You Hide Your Stutter?

Have you ever found yourself changing your order at a restaurant, avoiding saying someone’s name, or just being completely silent around new people because you are worried about stuttering? This is a normal way to react to a difficult situation, but there is nothing to be ashamed of. Stand up tall and say what you want to say! 

Must You Speak Without Stuttering?

You should never feel as if you have to speak without stuttering. Even though you may feel like it is an obligation to your parents, family, friends, or even strangers, it is not. People who stutter often feel like they stand out in a way that makes them feel flawed. You may feel as if you owe it to society to communicate as effectively as you can, but society also owes it to you to honor your right to speak. 


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